My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-17

by Dave in

  • “@SphereCat1: @DaveHamilton tap the status bar.”

    Thanks! #

  • Is there a shortcut that makes TweetBot scroll to the top of any given timeline? #
  • "@chris2x Airplane Seats – Do You Decline To Recline? -"

    I guiltlessly recline, albeit slowly. #

  • You all probably wanted a link to that "Desire" video, huh? #
  • "Desire" from Cirque du Mac 8, thanks to @wa11_y (and I believe @donmcallister and @spsheridan on alternate cameras, too?). Great stuff! #
  • When did lacrosse become like hockey?

    Standing, watching 36 degrees 7:15am

    ?!?! #

  • And as I turn in (relatively) early tonight, I will leave each of you to ponder the odd fate of Claude Musselman.

    Good night. #

  • Fringe, meet Inception. #
  • “@Modern_Drummer: Admit it.... You've all done it!!”

    Beautiful. #

  • ~@mrgan it must be something in the air tonight. I was just troubleshooting a Facebook problem with a friend here on Twitter. #
  • Heading to DC on Sunday for a funeral, and @USAirways "customer service" is being anything but. :(

    Sad part is that I'm not even surprised. #

  • Wanna know where your tax dollars are going? This tells you a little more -- #
  • "Praise to the face is open disgrace" #
  • Are any other @OpenDNS users having trouble loading the iTunes Store this morning? Changing my DNS to Google's fixed my problems. #
  • It seems to me the (Google) Maps app on the iPhone doesn't route with the DC Metro trains. What's good? #
  • Seems @Phish has banned Firefox (from Super Ball IX) :) #
  • Is the used car market really hot right now? We keep getting sweet offers from dealers to trade in our existing models for new cars. #
  • Just finished delivering my newest presentation "Backups and More: What You Need To Know" to @pmugnj. For a first time, it went really well! #
  • That's a cool thing to see. #
  • Am I in Gamehenge? #
  • Well, that flight was cheap ... and worth it. #
  • Yes, yes. I get that airlines *can* have change fees, but wouldn't eliminating them in the name of customer service be better for business? #
  • Seriously, why does any airline have a change fee? If the seats are open, what's the downside to me changing my schedule? #
  • Thanks, all. Camera+ it is! #
  • In a general sense, what's your preferred iPhone app for taking still pics? #

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