My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-10

by Dave in

  • The best geeky Twitter icon definitely goes to @adrianhosey with the 5.25" floppy well-represented #neverforget #
  • Perhaps this trip to Princeton I'll finally get to see the rhombus. #phish #
  • “@MacObserver: Dave Hamilton Discusses Data Backups at Princeton, NJ MUG”

    That's this coming Tuesday night, folks! #

  • Great primer from @jmartellaro: Set up Google Reader RSS Subscriptions #
  • If one skips out unexcused on pay day, one doesn't get paid, right?

    If the gov't is off on 4/15, we don't have to pay 2010 taxes, right? #

  • Let's all go to Gullah Gullah Island #
  • Jaco Pastorius and band at the 1982 Montreal Jazz Fest is just killer #
  • Anyone out there have enough pull to get my family's White House tour approved? Got denied last year and really want to make it work. #
  • Because sometimes it's just nice to reminisce and hear a 2600 Hz tone. #
  • Another *fantastic* reason to jailbreak (especially if your Mac is often in a different-yet-networked building): #
  • Where's that bag? #
  • The MP3 for @MacGeekGab 323 is up (AAC coming soon)! Includes discussion of Modifier Keys, Custom Icons, Spotlight, More #
  • First @TiVo, now @HiltonHHonors: "Sorry, your email address might have been harvested by spammers"

    Me: "No prob, they've already got it." #

  • Installed the iOS 4.3.1 redsn0w untethered jailbreak this morning, and it's working perfectly #
  • Great @macobserver Quick Tip: Solving Gmail Password Rejection in #
  • Great weekend visiting family here in Maine. Great to reconnect with so many relatives, and enjoy the killer views #

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