My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-03

by Dave in

  • Receivd looks like an interesting take on cloud-based file sharing... #
  • This will be my favorite 4/1 joke article today:

    Charlie Sheen & Father Debut In Patek Philippe Watch Ad: #

  • Remember back when April Fools Day was a fun day on the Internet? I loved "monkintouch".

    Now, though, it's just another annual horror show. #

  • Thankfully Twitter put the #dickbar back in a box. #
  • .@switcherMark Three cameras, manned by @wa11_y, @donmcallister, @spsheridan #
  • Cool 3-camera video shot of a tune from Cirque du Mac 8 from @wa11_y #
  • I realize I may have abnormal prejudice on this, but am I the only one who hates reading a "news" article that lacks a date/time stamp? #
  • Hopefully Apple doesn't take a lesson from the concert industry and charge $4k on their own for WWDC 2012 tickets #
  • Outstanding list: Some lesser known but useful Unix commands? #
  • Now *this* is the way to combine one's obsessions:

    iPhone Watch Case $38K, Upgrade Path Available via @macobserver #

  • “@flargh: Awesome. Using Amazon Cloud Drive on the Mac requires an AIR app.”

    Ugh. #

  • “@tedlandau: I remember when I was doing MacFixIt, running WWDC ads for weeks in exchange for Apple hardware. Times change.”

    It was months! #

  • So WWDC in SF June 6-10 or Phish in Mansfield, MA on June 7. Hrm. #
  • After two gigs in a row and then snowboarding all morning I am totally shot. Happy, but shot. :) Can't talk, can't move. Perfect! #

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