My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-27

by Dave in

  • 18 glasses of water later and I think I've now rehydrated from last night's gig.

    Downbeat for tonight's gig: T-minus 3 hours. #

  • "Since your drumkit will already be setup, would you mind if the middle school jazz band used it tonight?" #
  • What the heck happened to kids today? #
  • .@ShawnKing yes, Skype video works on iPad 2, albeit in zoomed mode, not native. #
  • I guess pilots aren't the only ones falling asleep at work. Seems to have happened to an ATC operator, too #
  • Episode 321 of @MacGeekGab Premium Podcast is out: Will My Mac Run Lion? Also SSD, RAM, & More! #
  • Stream Audio & Video from Mac to iOS 4.3 Device via @macobserver #
  • I'm assuming that the HDR processing used in Apple's iPhone 4 camera app is not API-available to 3rd parties. Correct? #
  • It's always interesting to watch people camp out *right* next to the baggage conveyor. More efficient to just step up when your bag appears. #
  • Super happy to be heading home, and glad to have been in Austin for the week. There's something about that city that always recharges me. #
  • The travel gods smiled upon me today. Late first flight, 25 min connection, but flight #2 was only 2 gates away. At DFW that's a miracle! #
  • .@kirschen :) I love that so many of my followers got the Tom Lehrer reference. You are all a great bunch. #
  • Also, Spring is here.

    Life is skittles, life is beer. Just no poisoning any pigeons, ok? #

  • Odd to be up early, at the hotel, eating breakfast, watching news coverage of Libya, hearing the Traveling Wilburys' "Handle with Care"

    Odd #

  • Still amazed at how fast this @CLEAR 4G Hotspot is here in Austin. Almost 8 Mbps down! #
  • This logo (from the SXSW music schwag bag) might be the coolest thing AOL has put their name on in a long while. #
  • Hmm ... Tony Scalzo (from Fastball) sounds great, but his band is pretty low-calibre players. Kinda weird. Still, good to hear Tony play. #
  • Where can you hear Lynyrd Skynyrd, Journey, the theme to "Phineas and Ferb" and a combined circumcision/vasectomy joke? A @BFSrocks show! #

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