My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-20

by Dave in

  • So when you're at a party with @zanelamprey the *smartest* thing to do is just stop drinking, but what's the *right* thing to do? #
  • Just met @kirkfox. Unfortunately just missed his set, too, but enjoyed chatting with him. Genuinely nice guy, as most people are. :) #
  • Finally I'm attending a party on par with Cirque du Mac. @mcuban knows how to do it with this rockin' @HDNet bash going @Phoenix. #
  • Just had my ear impressions taken at the @mylivewires booth here at SXSW. Curious to learn more about their products. #
  • "When you're having trouble playing/singing, just keep trying. What the crowd wants to see is your attempt." John Popper #
  • Jonathan Edwards and band just put on a fantastic set in a tiny room. And I love thy he dedicated "Shanty" to Michael Phelps. ;) #
  • Yet again foiled going to see @bfsrocks - tonight the Auditorium Shores shuttle never showed, so plan B is watching "Hit So Hard" #
  • Ducking iPhone autocorrect. #
  • Tell Sir Geldof I'll be late to his show, Luther Dickinson is playing the he'll out of that cigar box. #
  • These guys in Duran Duran appear to take themselves seriously, but come across so unintelligent and lacking self-awareness it's comical. #
  • Ok, I'll publicly admit that I was (surprisingly) blown away by the Duran Duran show last night, but this interview now is like Spinal Tap. #
  • Proud to have today's first successful (and perfect!) landing in the F/A-18 simulator at @SpaceCampUSA's booth at @SXSW #
  • Mike Mills sat in as "the highest paid tambourine player in Austin" with Baseball Project (yes, that's Peter Buck) #
  • Watched 9 short films set to tracks from REM's "Collapse Into Now" intermingled with live commentary and Q&A with Michael Stipe. Great event #
  • Yet another reason to travel with your own mobile hotspot (or three) #
  • While in the SXXpress pass line for the "Foo Fighters" screening, they gave us wristbands for the "after party" at Stubb's. You do the math. #
  • My Geek’s Survival Guide to @SXSW Music 2011 is up! #
  • This looks to be correct. SXSWi closing party.

    “@SXSWPartyList: Foo Fighters ‘secret’ show tonight at Stubb’s?” #

  • I'm not one to rush to Uncle Steve's defense, but Bon Jovi sounds like a jackass idiot here (link credit: @jdalrymple) #
  • RIP Owsley Stanley, the original "Dancing Bear". I was never a huge Dead fan, but respect Owsley's innovative sound techniques. #
  • .@IOS_James I only use a laptop when traveling, and on *most* trips the iPad's functionality is enough to replace it. #
  • For those asking, yes, Skype works with both cameras on the iPad 2, but it's not (yet?) iPad-native so it's in small or enlarged mode. #
  • FaceTime call to home on iPad 2 over a @Clear 4G connection here in my Austin hotel room worked flawlessly. One less reason I need a laptop. #
  • Totally true.

    “@Gartenberg: PT Barnum was among the best presenters ever. He'd have been totally at home at SXSW.” #

  • Awesome soundbite: "If [online forum] members try to give feedback, tell them to shut up and get back to the post factory." #killcommunity #
  • As a rule, all panel sessions should be outlawed at paid-attendance conferences.

    Rule can be bent for proven, expert moderators. #

  • Austin Downtown Pop-Up Apple Store employee: "We know we'll open at noon tomorrow. Beyond that, we have no idea." #
  • FYI The @ZooGue iPad case I got at Macworld Expo works really well for the iPad 2. Sits tight in there and FF camera works. #
  • #SXSWi Already happy with my first session. "The Death Of The Relational Database" #rdbdeath great speaker makes all the difference. #
  • Question: do we have to add an "H" to the end of NMD because most (if not all) are trying to be hipsters, too, or is the "H" assumed? #SXSWi #
  • Nice to be back in Austin. I loved living here, love visiting.

    At least I think that's where I am. I'll know when I step out of the plane. #

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