My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-13

by Dave in

  • I'm normally leery of videos of Macworld All-Star Band performances, but @chuckjoiner captured this year's gig well. #
  • Dinner and a movie, mid-flight-style

    Yep, that's the Macworld All-Star Band on the iPad, courtesy of @chuckjoiner #

  • .@rmcrob I'm talking about the built-in VPN client in iOS 4.3's #
  • There's something very wonky with iOS 4.3 when attempting to connect to VPNs, it seems.

    By wonky I mean "completely broken, doesn't work" #

  • I know this is a #firstworldproblem but 6B on @AmericanAir 1377 has the hardest 1/c seat cushion I've ever encountered. #StillNotTrading #
  • That's outstanding!

    RT @mike_gordon Telluride load-in. Sold out show tonight. But this seems familiar: #

  • .@kentz walmart had 5, various colors and sizes, all wifi only. #
  • Got to walmart at 4:30, #2 in line, out with iPad at 5:02. 1 hour total time investment. #
  • I'll be at @MacEdgeSales in Portsmouth, NH tomorrow afternoon covering the iPad 2 on-sale event. Come on down and join me, eh? #
  • RT @MacObserver Apple Opening Temporary Store for SXSW #
  • Strange -- I can't get iTunes to increase the "Skip Count" of a song when I skip it. #
  • Ah yes, corporate taxes. Your deadline looms. #
  • Happy birthday, @bynkii. May this day be empty of The Stupid so you can relax and enjoy without having to wage the war. #
  • It's always so *early* at this time of morning! #
  • I'm just loving the pic the guys cooked up for this one. :)

    Warner Bros. & Facebook Offer Movie Rentals, Jump Shark #

  • “@mlv: Apparently keyboards can't be plugged into a hub.” (not if you want to boot with startup keys down, no) #
  • The MP3 version of @MacGeekGab 319 is up! iTunes not finding iPhones, Ejecting In-Use Disks, Mail Rules, More! #
  • I'd like to take a moment to thank all that is good and pure for RAID 1 mirroring.

    And servers with hot-swappable drives.

    That is all. #

  • These were a "gift" @MattHamilton.

    He and I will schedule a day this summer when we'll experience them together. #

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