My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-06

by Dave in

  • Apple’s SSD Pricing is Bizarre from @jmartellaro #
  • Ahh yes, March. That's the month where my driveway is 15 feet shorter due to all the snow plowed to its end. #
  • Making a "Base" Bitters Batch via @huffingtonpost - @Gruber, I thought you might appreciate this. #
  • You know you have too many watches when it's almost March 3rd by the time they're all back on the right date. #watchnerd #
  • It's knock-out, drag-out time again @macobserver. @tedlandau and @jmartellaro square off on iPad 2 #
  • iPad 2: How to Get Yours via @macobserver #
  • And now to close things out, ladies and gentlemen, it's Mr. Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate! #fakeappleevent #
  • True -- It's only $129 “@tedlandau: If you can afford it, get the 3G. You can always ignore it. You can't later add 3G to Wi-Fi only model.” #
  • Ok, I need to make a decision as to whether I order the 3G or Wi-Fi model of iPad 2. I have several MiFis at my disposal, but.. still... #
  • Listen, people, yes, magnets scare me 'cause I can feels them when they're close. SCARY! #
  • Hey, with two cores, maybe the iPad 2 can finally run Flash? #
  • You think they're forced to play The Beatles as per their settlement agreement with Apple Corps? ;) #
  • Hmmm... Might be new.

    “@iprinss you guys see tonight? I don't recall that cloud graphic with iOS devices in background before.” #

  • Oh this is great. New Hampshire seems to be considering outlawing TSA patdowns: :) #
  • Mac Geek Gab 317 is alive! We talk personal WiFi hotspots, Aperture, hot corners and more #
  • This headcold I brought back with me from San Francisco last week is MINE and, no, you can't have it! #

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