My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-13

by Dave in

  • Happy birthday, @twittelator (the man, not the app!). Hope you have a great day, Andrew! #
  • I drank an entire Mountain Dew on the way to this UNH hockey game. I'm allowed since it's not my kid playing. #areyouthreateningme #
  • So... any GA pilots interested in flying me from NH to Princeton, NJ for PMUG meeting in April? I'll pay expenses. Trying to avoid Amtrak :) #
  • I'm surprised the @daily app ever made it out of QA. Not only does it crash a lot, but seems many users just can't easily navigate within it #
  • I ask this question seriously: do any of you actually like the @daily app? I can't seem to make sense of using it happily. #
  • Two nights in a row dinner at home just my son and I, two nights eating dinner enjoying Star Trek: The Next Generation! :) #
  • In "What’s the Matter with Jailbreaking?" @tedlandau lays partial blame with the jailbreak developers themselves. #
  • The MP3 for @MacGeekGab 314 is live! Video Capture, Network Storage, PDF Creation, RAM & More #

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