My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-06

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  • This whole "per family" max price at kids/family events doesn't make sense to me. I don't see the town offering to subsidize my vasectomy. #
  • I should be proud that my daughter socially-engineered her way into knowing the school system's wifi passwords, right? #
  • MySQL experts: I'm seeing this but that solution doesn't solve it. Still limits at 1139 active connections. Any ideas? #
  • But alas, there's some inefficiency in our setup and I'm determined to either find it or fix it... or both. But certainly the latter. #
  • Late night coding sessions are easier in the summer when heating the office isn't an issue. #
  • At the UNH v. Maine men's hockey game. The crowd is so electric in here it feels like I'm at a Phish show! #
  • White out the Whitt - UNH v. Maine - The Students @ Whittemore Center Arena #
  • White out the Whitt - UNH v. Maine - The 'Cats @ Whittemore Center Arena #
  • It's days like these that I don't really want to be running Snow Leopard server. ACL and POSIX seem to be fighting. POSIX wins. @bynkii? :) #
  • I really can't even give The @Daily a fair test. The app is so buggy and crashy I have yet to be able to #
  • Today's Double Feature: Lobster with Frog Legs, 35¢ #
  • If you're doing government contract work, I don't think you should have to pay taxes on your earnings 'cause there's no double-dipping #
  • "Turn to see Story/Pictures" is BS -- Um, I like to read in landscape mode thank-you-very-much, @daily. Please make it so. #
  • You can go get The Daily now: #
  • The mobile/iPod/iPhone version of @MacGeekGab 312's video is now available! #
  • "U.S. snowstorm seen from space /via @spsheridan" @gartenberg #hothlifeindeed #
  • I'd like to thank everyone at both @macworld and @macworldexpo who worked tirelessly to help get @macgeekgab 312 out so quickly. THANK YOU! #
  • Mac Geek Gab 312 -- both audio and video -- is up! Cool Stuff Found & Stump The Geek, recorded live at @macworldexpo #
  • Oh who am I kidding? I'll be buying myself another Kindle. #
  • If the for iPad goes away, my wife's going to be unhappy when I take my kindle back. #
  • Given all this (and it's unclear, of course), I wouldn't be surprised to see someone begin testing a 30% in-app "tax" compared to web prices #
  • Just recalling a great @MacworldExpo moment: hearing those kids on the Music Stage playing Billy Cobham's "Red Baron" #
  • Soliciting outside opinions as I make a quick judgment call: it's snowing. Go pick up the kids at school now, or wait for busses later? #
  • “@treestman: Hmm, from the picture it looks like #Sony #039;s eBook store is in Safari, not in-app.” #
  • Here's an example (yes, from @jgamet @macobserver) that explains this (potential) in-app purchasing "change" correctly. #
  • Purchasing something inside an app and using an app to access something purchased elsewhere are two *totally* different things. #
  • A LOT of otherwise knowledgable reporters are getting this in-app purchasing "change" wrong. In-app purchases have always gone thru Apple. #
  • Seems Google set up a honeypot sting to catch Bing at cheating from @dannysullivan via @mattcuts #
  • If you're invited to my house to sell me something I'm not happy to have to buy, don't take phone calls from other customers while with me. #
  • .@kirschen hey, thanks. The new twitter avatar courtesy of @thesarv and a pic he took at Cirque du Mac 8 #
  • OH (to a woman): "You can't go to my mommy's yoga classes because her classes are only for hard men."

    Astute observation, kiddo. #

  • When @AmericanAir issues a 7 day weather policy alert for your region, you know it's gonna be bad. #Snowwayyouregoinganywhere #
  • The operator game struck again. Thanks to good people involved all around, the mess was untangled as best as possible. W00t! #
  • Pissed to be dealing with a publishing company who doesn't seem to understand that you need to compensate for content and its value. #
  • Look at that 45-Blue set up the assist with his skate to 38-Blue on Saturday. #AttaBoy #
  • Long-term patience I have in droves. Short-term patience, however, is very difficult to exercise. So. Want. To. Call. And. Yell. Must. Wait. #
  • There are some non-technical delays keeping us from publishing @MacGeekGab #312 recorded live @MacworldExpo Saturday. Hopefully tomorrow. #
  • I am sleep-deprived from the redeye & I found I need to buy a new boiler and washer. Don't give me an opportunity to take this out on you. #
  • Seems someone is trying to put me on the warpath today.

    Today is NOT a good day for that. For them. #

  • Amongst geeks, nearly all technology is simply an extension of the penis. This merely illustrates that. #MacworldExpo #
  • Regarding the aforementioned (and on-the-way-out) boiler, I'm seriously considering switching from oil to propane (we're in NH). Thoughts? #
  • Serviceman: "Welcome home from Macworld Expo. Looks like it's time for a new boiler."

    Actually, he only said one of those things. #

  • Isn't iOS supposed to be capitalized? #
  • Enjoying Violet Sedan Chair's "Hovercraft Mother" while going through some catch-up work here at my desk this morning. :) #
  • For me (& others), @MacworldExpo is an all-out marathon. While it's good for business, I couldn't do it without the community. So thank you. #
  • Reasonably-priced, uneconomical, executive decisions that make travel suck less (RPUEDTMTSL) FTW! #
  • Congrats, man!

    "@toby_ball I've got a new post up announcing the pub date for my 2nd book, Scorch City: 8/30/11" #

  • Touchdown BOS. My Macworld Expo week comes to a close. Great seeing everyone, now looking forward to seeing my family! #
  • Nice! "@macgenie Here's my audition tape for the Macworld All Star Band." #
  • In many ways, this year was one of the best Macworld Expos for me yet. Really happy with a lot of great encounters and events. Thanks, all! #
  • My TSA patdown tonight was nothing compared to what they used to do when I had that no-fly-list name confusion problem. #
  • I think I'm gonna move to the middle seat in my row so this dude obsesso-futzing with the tray table behind me doesn't keep me up all night #

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