My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-30

by Dave in

  • Tune into the live Expo stream at to see @johnfbraun and I do Mac Geek Gab live from the expo. Starts in 10 minutes. #
  • Just had a guy offer to buy one of my @macworldexpo passses outside of the Moscone. #
  • Today at 5pm, @johnfbraun and I will do @MacGeekGab at the Macworld Live stage on the show floor. Bring your questions for "Stump The Geek!" #
  • ...and now I lay me down to #
  • Come see @johnfbraun & I at the @drobo booth #433 right now! #macworld2011 #
  • At 2pm today at the @drobo booth #433 @johnfbraun and I are doing a @macgeekgab meet and greet. Come on down and say hi! #
  • Macworld Expo is part sleep deprivation experiment for me. I have this killer room with a comfy bed but am absolutely unable to sleep at all #
  • Thanks @twittelator and @cardinale for the killer Videator light show last night at Cirque du Mac. You guys make it shine! #
  • An expected result of doing a MWASB gig at @MacworldExpo is that I'm totally wired up. Maybe sleep soon... ish... #
  • Total blast tonight playing at Cirque du Mac with @RandomMaccess @tmobryan @levitus @bodyofbreen @paulkent @percy_uptight - Thanks, guys. #
  • Excellent start to Macworld Expo. Great Lean/Clean/Mean session today, followed by a lot of fun @smile booth. Now off to Cirque du Mac. #
  • Fantastic! @johnfbraun is on the ground, en route to the hotel here in San Francisco. Welcome to SF, buddy. We kept it warm and sunny for ya #
  • A screen that only displays half the image one sends it is not the thing you want 10 min before starting a session!... #
  • Come see me today at #Macworld2011 1pm is my Running Your Mac Lean, Clean and Mean session, rm 3006, 3pm at @smile booth #246 #
  • "@twittelator: Want to turn your mac into a party machine? Get Videator!"

    See Videator in action tonight @ CirqueduMac #

  • “@spsheridan: @johnfbraun [...]We're all hoping you get here safe and sound.”

    Yes ... and soon! #

  • As we each retire this evening let's send warm, snuggly thoughts out to @johnfbraun who is spending the evening at PHL. #
  • Yet again @smile picked a venue that shows off just how cool they really are. Even if they don't believe it, we do. Great party tonight. #
  • Unless my memory deceives me, signs say next year's @MacworldExpo is Jan 28-30, 2012. That's a Sat, Sun, Mon. Quite a departure. #
  • Tomorrow I'm doing my Running Your Mac Lean and Clean session at Macworld Expo #
  • Man, I gotta stop leaving my room keys in the room. This is getting ridiculous. I've got a collection going! #
  • Trade show conference session rooms are always aesthetically unpleasing: dim lighting, muted browns and grays. Functional, but bland. #
  • I'm seeing an inconsistency with Boston weather reports. Is it currently snowing there? Forecast says not for several hours, radar says now. #
  • Usually at @MacworldExpo I have a (mostly) day-off after band rehearsal and before the mayhem starts. Seems this year that's not the case! #
  • This is the part that gets me about traveling east-to-west across the US: No matter what I do, I'm up before 6am on the first few days. #
  • I like that on iOS automatically adjusts the timestamp of emails when switching timezones. Now if only Mac OS's did that. #
  • It looks like @VirginAmerica has setup in-seat hookahs for customers in first class. #
  • Ok, yeah -11F is cold. Glad to be heading to San Francisco today, but wish the family wasn't at home in the cold without me. #
  • My kids know how To make me proud. This example from my son. #
  • Hoping this impending east-coast storm doesn't cause a repeat of last year's @MacworldExpo travel fiasco for everyone. Travel safely, all! #

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