My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-23

by Dave in

  • Just realized I played with myself a lot today. First drums, then guitar, and just now a little piano. #
  • What time is the Patriots game? #lastweekenddidnthappenforrealright #
  • Looks like I'm not alone. @redbox is apparently having some issues. #
  • The "Select" button is greyed-out for every @redbox location I lookup in the iPhone app. Am I the only one? #
  • I thought @paulkent was crazy suggesting "Freeway Jam" but that tune's gonna be a blast. Hope the band learned it! :) #MWASB #CirqueDuMac #
  • At UNH v. Providence men's hockey. Go Wildcats! #
  • Special Apple Web Pages to Know About via @jmartellaro @macobserver #
  • Do we, as Americans, have the right to move about our country without showing papers? #
  • Look, I don't fault Craig Fuller for wanting to live off royalties and enjoy life, but it sucks that he's not fronting Little Feat anymore. #
  • I don't normally do this, but has a $20 Gift Card on sale for $10 today #nobrainer #
  • .@TheMacMommy Yes, 5pm Sat @MacGeekGab is a show-floor thing, available to all types of badgeholders, including expo-only. #
  • My wife and I watched -- and thoroughly enjoyed -- "The A-Team" tonight. Much better than expected. #
  • .@flargh almost (and should have) followed that up with a "not a euphemism" post. #
  • I love drinking pickle juice. #
  • "@rgriff AAPL after-hours up $4.67 a share, recovering almost all the rest of the Jobs-medical-leave loss."

    Brilliantly executed by AAPL. #

  • Apple Posts Record Q1: $26.7 Billion Revenue, $6 Billion Earnings, $6.43 per share @macobserver #
  • Happy Birthday, @mymac! #
  • Why is it that every otherwise decent weather app for the iPhone is plagued by constant, recurring crashing? #
  • Anybody here smell ether? #
  • The MP3 for @MacGeekGab 310 is up! @johnfbruan and I talked Safari, Disk Ejection, Software Updates and More! #
  • I'm thinking this one may be part of the succession plan.

    "@macobserver Steve Jobs Takes Medical Leave from Apple " #

  • Dangit. #Pats #
  • Our new dog is a cross between a Chinese Crested and a Maltese.

    This is now a new breed that I have christened, "Malested" #

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