My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-16

by Dave in

  • Listen, a union suit is perfectly acceptable aprés ski attire. #
  • Slim chance, but: anyone have or found an Xcode project for an iPhone mobile hotspot app that I could build and adhoc install? #
  • Lots of great stuff here

    “@markgurman: Everything you need to know about iOS 4.3” #

  • Lobotomy. It does a body good. #
  • Excellent article!

    How to Get Free Books on Your iPad from @jmartellaro today at @macobserver #

  • Win Tickets to Cirque du Mac 8.0 & Party with the Macworld All-Star Band! #
  • I'd just like to mention how luscious RecBoot is, especially for Exiting Recovery Mode #
  • Definitely. I think 10.7 pushes this way.

    “@hadleystern: Combining the iPad and the MacBook Air Into One: Possible?” #

  • Finding this on my daughter's white board this morning was a moment of great joy. #BBFCFM #Phish #
  • For (useful) iPad weather with RADAR and forecasts, I'm still finding Weatherbug (crashy) and Intellicast (slow) the best (unfortunately). #
  • Best weather app for iPhone and/or iPad with forecast and animated radar? Basically I want Weatherbug Elite without all the dang crashing. #
  • KAP1089 was just 11 minutes late today, by the way. Grrr.... #
  • "@jefflynch: I need a gigabit Ethernet network in my home"

    He's right. It really makes a huge difference dealing with photo libraries, etc. #

  • At @nhsmug watching @jefflynch talk about iLife '11 #
  • It's rumored that Videator will soon appear in the Mac App Store... that should be cool! #
  • It's confirmed that Mr @Twittelator himself, Andrew Stone, will again be doing his Videator Light show at Cirque du Mac. W00t! #
  • So I hammered my iPhone's mute button down and sliced an extra slit in the side with a hacksaw but I still can't get Verizon. What's next? #
  • So we had the Mac App Store launch last week, the Verizon iPhone today... was there anything tech-related in between? #
  • Tim Cook says personal hotspot is a new feature in the VZW iPhone. I call BS foul. Totally possible in any iPhone, just no app to do it. #
  • So the real question is: If and how will Verizon cripple this device? #
  • Happy 1/11/11 11:11:11 everyone in EST #
  • Nice picture of the iphone on #
  • Clearly the most important thing happening today is that it is @BodyOfBreen's birthday. Happy birthday, man! #
  • It'll be nice when Verizon has Overloaded Capacity Parity with AT&T again. #
  • Yes, that's right, folks, in honor of 1/11/11 day I'm wearing my onesie. #
  • I'll state this once and move on: I only wish I had rec'd conf of my admission to a certain event today *before* I woke at 6am this morning. #
  • It's time for another Cool Stuff Found Episode, and the MP3 for @MacGeekGab 309 is up! #
  • Oh, my dear union suit. How I have missed thee. #toosexyfortwitter #
  • Shame to see Peyton Manning lose in just the first week of the playoffs.

    Oh, wait, no it's not. #

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