My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-02

by Dave in

  • This is like Super Happy Fun Ball in real life. I can't believe these @orbeezone things are legal as toys! #
  • The good news is I can wear these glasses all year long. #
  • This works, but disables background incoming calls. RT @eastd Go to settings>Skype> set to "disconnect immediately" to limit battery drain. #
  • Pro Tip: when you're done testing your iSkype video calls, remember to sign out or force-quit the app lest it suckle battery juice all day. #
  • Today the rest of the world gets to test Skype video on the iPhone. Tonight they wonder why their batteries are drained. iSkype is a pig. #
  • This FIOS connection (Elmsford, NY) is pretty fast! #
  • High-Performance Sport Stilettos. Seriously? Yep. #
  • I have to say I've never before heard of needing to put a towel under the hotel room door to keep pot smoke OUT. #HamptonInn PhishShow #
  • I have made and canceled so many hotel rooms today I'm worried is going to blacklist my IP for a DOS attack. #
  • The wind is out there shaking those trees during this break in the storm's snowy action. #
  • Got notification that all school activities are canceled for tomorrow. Of course, that would be true even if it were 75 & sunny. #vacation #
  • Silly, perhaps, but I'm loving the Invicta Pro Diver 6057 I put under the tree for myself (couldnt resist the chance to try a $60 automatic) #
  • Looks like I'll get my wish of a "region crippling snowstorm" ... on the day we travel to see Phish. ;) Gotta be careful what I wish for! #

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