My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-19

by Dave in

  • My son is playing HERE today?!?

    Yes. My son is playing HERE today. #

  • I knew there was a reason I waited to upgrade to the new MobileMe calendar until I had a large block of time. Upgrade keeps failing. :( #
  • I'm not much of a sweet tooth, but I love me some Tortuga Banana Rum over a few cubes of ice. #
  • It appears we're Ferberizing our new dog. I guess that's because it's not smart enough to be Fokkerized. #ineedadrinknow #
  • Mac Geek Gab Premium 304 MP3 is up! @johnfbraun and I talk Hard Drive Corruption, Printing Issues, IMAP, and more! #fb #
  • The philanderers tied the murderers shoes. #
  • My wife and I are heading to see "Jersey Boys" on Friday night in Boston and are considering eating at @tantricboston - Anyone been there? #
  • Mac Geek Gab Podcast 303 is up! Discussions include topics like Mail, Short Usernames, Merging Libraries, and More! #fb #
  • A few more videos (from the Android phone that can't seem to get the light right ;), from the FLING gig tonight here #
  • Android phone video of FLING's cover of "Nowhere Man" from tonight. The lights tripped up the camera, but sound's there #
  • Fun gig tonight. The band really adapted well to the situation. FLING is quickly becoming a really killer band. Great communication tonight. #

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