My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-12

by Dave in

  • After how well FLING played on Thursday, I'm really looking forward to playing at Foobar in Portsmouth, NH tonight #
  • Loving our (slightly modified) Rockin' Holidays Radio Station we have on #fb #
  • iPad + Amazon's + @casemate Venture case = successful Xmas shopping from the comfort of my couch. #
  • Video Example of Why Your Mechanical Watch Needs To Be Serviced #
  • Seems my family spent a great deal of effort getting a pic of it.

    Yeah, I know. WOW, what do you say? #awkward #

  • Apparently we needed another dog. #DamnedThingMovesTooFastToTakeAGoodPicture #
  • Thankfully this morning's @psnh power outage in here in Durham was short — usually if it lasts more than 5 minutes, we're out 10+ hours. #
  • The FLING gig at Fury's in Dover, NH tonight was fantastic. Totally worth being totally wired and awake at 1:46am. :) #
  • Oh, it's definitely both. RT @devvyn: @DaveHamilton Can't it be both? #
  • Bad form (or fraud?): a website that gives you the ability to "disable" ads when, in fact, they're still there, just hidden with a <div> tag #
  • Review from @jmartellaro: The Outlook for (Microsoft) Outlook is Good #
  • The best thing about a Mac App Store coming? We might finally get a decent desktop Twitter app. #
  • If it's gonna be this cold outside, at least let's get some snow happening. A couple feet will do. #
  • It's 20 degrees outside?!?

    I don't know that I can sign off on this. #

  • Another excellent question.

    RT @BenjaminZAMayo How come the iPad has no, either? #

  • Checking out @risealarm for iPad. It uses local notifications for the alarm, so in theory works around the issue I described earlier. #
  • Thanks all for the 3rd party clock app recommendations. Problem with using those for alarm is I can't trust it won't be quit in background. #
  • The iPad has a speaker, how come it has no Would be nice to use as an alarm. #
  • The next time the Jets visit New England they should bring their defense with then. It's really pretty here this time of year. #
  • Used the @kickport for the first time on Friday night's gig. Sounded great in my 20" 12-ply Eames kick drum. Brilliant, simple enhancement. #
  • My wife and I made two very special iPod touch accessories. The first was complete 11 years ago, the second 9. #dangkidsandtheirgadgets #
  • Mac Geek Gab 302 is up, and it was a great show today. Comparing Folders, RAM/SSD, Maintenance, Notes Sync and more! #
  • Consumer Reports Readers Rate AT&T Worst Network #
  • Rumor: Apple Considering Norman Foster for New Campus Design #beautifulpic :) #
  • Awesome story about an extremely rare Rolex Sub that wound up on eBay after 52 years with its original owner. #watchnerd #

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