Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

by Dave in

  • Correct!

    RT @podfeet @DaveHamilton in the "you haven't strangled them because of this" category? #

  • Unlimited texting plans save (my children's) lives. #
  • Seems email contact sharing is not an issue for anyone else. Thanks for the replies. #
  • Anyone ever used the iPhone's "Share Contact" feature via email? Works over SMS, but email never seems to work. #
  • Why is it that the iPad (and possibly the touch?) can't set it's own time over the Internet? All Macs and the iPhone can. #
  • "To James Tiberius Kirk!" with a Rosewater Rickey. #bigbangtheory #
  • Great list of must-have apps for jail broken iPhones from @viticci. Maybe even a list of reasons to jailbreak! #
  • I know we've had a lot going on at home lately, but the fact that I'm using MobileMe's Find My iPhone/iPad on a daily basis is telling. #
  • Last night I was thinking that the Giants win reminded me of the Red Sox in 2004.

    After reading about these riots I realize I was wrong. :( #

  • Very important reading for Mac users: RT @bjango ? Article: The life and death of a fake hotdog app. #
  • The MP3 version of @MacGeekGab 295 is up! #

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