Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-17

by Dave in

  • Mac Geek Gab Podcast 291 is live! #
  • Got a friend with who recently upgraded two iPhone 3G units to iOS 4.1 and now most apps crash on launch. Any ideas? #
  • Found workaround for iPhone gmail issue by changing server to (instead of Mac & iPad work with either. #
  • Odd, my iPhone (and only my iPhone) says not responding. Reset network settings, tried different DNS, nada. #
  • Er, here's the @RushTheBand link: #
  • Great @RushTheBand interview on CNN - Funny to see Neil Peart interrupting the other two to speak. Geddy & Alex can't get a word in edgewise #
  • Finally succumbed to the New England fall and engaged the heat in the house this morning. #
  • The Hobbit set to be most expensive movie ever - National - NZ Herald News #
  • Patriots trade Moss, regain Branch. #
  • Gmail WEB works but Gmail POP, IMAP & SMTP services are still down (TTL Expired in Transit). (thanks @janshim) #
  • How much for the ribs? #
  • The BlackChop algo trader was down $154.70 per E-mini contract today #

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