Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-19

by Dave in

  • The #MacVMWars get hotter: Parallels Mobile lets you screen share your @ParallelsMac 6 instances from iPad or iPhone. #
  • The gloves are off now, eh? RT @VMwareFusion: Competitive upgrade from Parallels Desktop for only $9.99. #
  • Heading into Boston with @tbearnh to see @RushTheBand tonight. Anyone else going? #
  • My remaining gigs in September - #fb #
  • Wow. I've been to a LOT of concerts, but until now I had never seen a roadie come out just to put a capo on a performer's guitar. #
  • Can we all agree that we can just do away with the fake encore at the end of every rock show? #fb #
  • iPhone HDR shot of Vampire Weekend. Clearly works well for concert shots. #
  • Somebody should tell that poor guitar player that he's completely off in the mains. Oh, it wouldn't matter. Plus, he's sitting down! #lame #
  • Opening band #2 tonight: Beach House. Good and TERRIBLE. #RandyWatson #
  • Heading into Boston to see Vampire Weekend with @tbearnh tonight. Hope they're as good as they were at SXSW09! #
  • Eureka! Music lessons with my daughter work much better when we're each playing different instruments. #StubbornPerfectionistHamiltons #

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