Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22

by Dave in

  • Our view for the night (or at least for the start! ;). #tompetty #greatwoods #fb #
  • Really bizarre to hear a between-band line check with the mains up at full strength. #
  • Listen, it's ok to tweet FROM the bathroom. Everyone does that.

    It's just not ok to tweet ABOUT the bathroom. Not OK. #

  • I paid Tom Petty a princely sum for these tickets. I didn't intend for him to subcontract 30% of it out to this crappy opening band. #fb #
  • Wow. "My Morning Jacket" is both loud and terrible. #sexualchocolate #fb #
  • Heading to Great Woods (or whatever the concert venue in Mansfield, MA is) with @tbearnh to see Tom Petty tonight. #
  • Proud papa moment to hear from my daughter (age 10) that she got the 1st/class upgrade on her flight home from her trip. Gotta love it! #
  • Google Updates iPad Gmail Web Interface via @MacObserver #
  • Crap. Now Apple calls to tell me they won't repair my logic board without replacing my 3rd party hard drive (at my cost). WTF? #
  • My main machine is in the shop, but audio-wise I'm happy and enjoying @coverville #596 "The Rush Cover Story" #
  • Gotta love quick-turnaround for a multi-component repair! #
  • Saw an ad "Is ADHD interrupting you from tweeting?" Uh, no, it's the ADHD that causes tweeting to keep me from doing anything else, thanks. #
  • .@PorthosJon Oh yes, most hard drive mechanisms are slower than GigE, that's why GigE is great: network often no longer a bottleneck. in reply to PorthosJon #
  • Me with The Monkey Fist Incident, acoustic, Gas Light, Portsmouth, NH, Thursday night, 7pm.

    Be there! #

  • Nice-looking (to me, anyway!) PVD watch. #
  • The MP3 for Mac Geek Gab episode 280 is live! We discussed Battery Life, iTunes Accounts, Spotlight Searches, More #fb #

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