Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

by Dave in

  • I'm playing with The Monkey Fist Incident (acoustic) tonight on the deck of the Derryfield in Manchester, NH, 6pm-9pm. Come join us! #fb #
  • After we spent three hours digging out a stump I taught my son how to loufa. #JustAnotherSaturday #fb #
  • Anyone ever use Ustream (or anything like it) to stream the screen of a Windows-based cloud server? (Yeah, I know, I know...) #
  • Can't decide who does the intro for the podcast, and we didn't have a coin, so @johnfbraun flipped a Mac OS 7.6 CD. It was tails. #
  • FileMaker Go available for iPad. Freaking amazing. This is gonna change a lot around the office. /via @tunaball

    Ditto for us here. Awesome! #

  • So glad I avoided finding out the Rush setlist before the show. Made it much more enjoyable to be surprised by the picks. #
  • The view @johnfbraun and I have this evening. #Rush #
  • En route to Mohegan Sun to meet @johnfbraun for the Rush show tonight. Anyone else going? #fb #
  • It seems that last tweet didn't make it out last week. One can braid hair at 20kts, but not tweet, I guess! #
  • Advanced hair braiding at 20kts. #fb #

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