Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

by Dave in

  • Wearing the cape is not about what you can do, it's about looking good doing it! #
  • Good advice from @webby2001: Wearing a monocle? Pack your cape. No monocle, no cape. And no white cape after labor day. Easy #mrmanners in reply to webby2001 #
  • I'm appalled at how many of you believe a cape is required for me to perform super-heroic tasks. #
  • Travel question: What criteria do you use when deciding whether or not to pack your cape? #
  • Bandwidth behaved, MGG 273 Premium is now live: #fb #
  • Ok, pre-show is done, bandwidth is behaving, and we're about to go live with Mac Geek Gab 273! #fb #
  • Bandwidth is behaving, and Mac Geek Gab 273 pre-show is streaming live on video: #
  • Today's MGG Answers: Consultant Client Woes and How To Address Them #
  • I was catching up on Twitter for news, seems "LaBron James and the Vuvuzelas" had to cancel their Cleveland show due to the heat in Miami? #
  • We'll make the bandwidth gods bend to our will! The recording of Mac Geek Gab 273 will be streamed live today at 3pm ET #
  • At Harvard Stadium for the MLL all-star lacrosse game with my son. Beautiful place on a beautiful night! #fb #
  • I hate that I know it's better to use miles/points for hotel stays than for first class flights. #IgnoranceWasFlyingBliss #
  • New MGG Answers article up: Rosetta Keeps Running and I Want It To Stop #
  • Mac Geek Gab 272 is on USTREAM now at #
  • Technology permitting, the recording of Mac Geek Gab 272 will be streamed live at 3pm EDT today on USTREAM. #fb #
  • My wife says my 2009 WWDC shirt with a hole at the right nipple is not sexy and is never to be worn again. #NoAccoutingForTaste #
  • Yup, definitely time. #
  • Seems it WAS time to clean out these drawers! #
  • And now I'm hoping that this relentless sinus pressure is gone when I wake up.

    Assuming I can get to sleep, that is. #fb #

  • Still looking for a flashlight app that utilizes the LED in the iPhone 4. Apparently many in Apple review, but none available yet. #
  • That's a lot funnier when a four-year-old screams it. #
  • The only thing that gives me any relief from this headcold is caffeine, and then I get all crazy. Grrr #fb #
  • I really love living in this area. #SoFortunate #fb #

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