Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

by Dave in

  • I really love living in this area. #SoFortunate #fb #
  • Great article by @jmartellaro with some fantastic insights on the iPhone 4 antenna class action suit: #fb #
  • PR Fail of the day: "Mediaraptor is software that fills up your hard drive with..."

    FILLS UP MY HARD DRIVE? Um, no thanks. #DeliveryCounts #

  • Clearly I'll be needing one of these. #
  • How is it possible I didn't know the Rush "Beyond the Lighted Stage" documentary came out on DVD yesterday? Now ordered, obviously. #fb #
  • I hate that iBooks (a) has the ability to change my system brightness and (b) doesn't set it back to my original setting. #
  • Interesting that running/backgrounded iPhone apps can notify me even if notifications as a whole are off. #
  • Hard reset = hold home and top button down until you see Apple logo, then release. #
  • Just helped another iPhone 3G / iOS 4 user return from sluggishness by doing the hard reset x 2. This definitely works. #
  • Seems everyone is too wired to sleep tonight. What gives? #FullMoonWasSaturday #
  • Mac Geek Gab Podcast 270 MP3 is live: Your Questions Answered and Your Tips Shared #fb #
  • Trying to find a way to keep Mac Geek Gab from getting bogged down in Unix text editor holy wars. #
  • Seems there is a Flash/LED API - Apps are... forthcoming. #
  • Time to go record MGG 270. I know we said we'd do video today, but I didn't set it up in advance. Out of the habit. Friday for sure. #
  • Is there no public API to turn the iPhone 4's flash/LED on/off? I'm just surprised not to see a flood of new "Flashlight" apps coming. #
  • Yep, summer's here! #fb #
  • I'm much less impressed with the iPad's screen now that i've spent some quality time with the iPhone 4. #fb #firstworldproblems #

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