Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

by Dave in

  • "Mind if I swoop?"

    "Hey, it's your place." #

  • Just saved 18 minutes of hold time using @lucyphone - gotta love it! #
  • The @copilotlive update for iOS 4 (and iPhone 4) with background navigation is out. #
  • The parties stipulate that Mail in iOS 4 is just plain wonky. #
  • Heading out to dinner with my son. We're both gadget-obsessed, of course, so we just agreed to leave all gadgets off during dinner. #fb #
  • TMO Is Hiring a Webmaster/Developer - Inquire Within! #fb #
  • Ok, so it seems emailed pix like to get stuck in the Outbox on iOS4/iPhone 4. WTF? #
  • Huh. Even with a reboot I can't get the iPhone 4 to email pix. It creates the message, but then goes nowhere. #
  • Ya know, those songs are musically similar, too... Hmmm.. #fb #
  • Tonight's band load-out discussion: is Genesis' "Misunderstanding" the (lyrical) counterpart to Led Zeppelin's "Fool In The Rain"? #fb #
  • FaceTime is definitely cool. Just finished a call with @jgamet, but unfortunately the in-call screenshots I took came out 100% black. Odd. #
  • Quick outdoor HD video comparison of Flip Ultra HD vs iPhone 4 shows the Flip to produce video with more saturation and better contrast. #
  • Even though I have the iPad, I'm now glad I ordered the 32GB iPhone 4, esp. if it truly works as a "Flip-replacement" HD video cam. #
  • Ok, now I can't *wait* to get my hands on the upcoming beta of [redacted]. Could be Podcaster's Dream. :-) #
  • For those of you who are expecting iPhones today, I have mine in hand and Fedex still shows this. #
  • iPhone 4 comes with a "Utilities" folder pre-setup. #
  • I pity the fools that try to do this tomorrow. #WaitandWaitSomeMore #
  • iPhone 4 in hand! #
  • It's been a long time since I had the opportunity to miracle someone with a free ticket at a Phish show. #FeltGood #
  • I know Apple said my iPhone would arrive a day early (today), but based on current tracking info I'm inclined to disagree. #
  • I Zimbra. #
  • I Zimbra. #
  • So how did the conversation go?

    Steve Jobs: "So we need you to hold those iPhones until the 24th."

    Fred Smith: "Pound sand." #

  • At Great Woods (or whatever they call this place in Mansfield, MA now) with the wife waiting for Phish to take the stage. #fb #
  • Anyone flying on a Gogo-equipped plane between now and July 10th? If so, I have a free promo code for the first taker. #fb #
  • Wow. we start recording a podcast and the Kindle is now $189. That's nuts. #
  • Mac Geek Gab Episode 269 is live: A Ton Cool Stuff Found #fb #
  • Finally, data detectors in iOS 4 email! Clicking "Friday Night" in an email brings up a "Create Event" option. #
  • A concept to explore: using a folder (or two) in your iPhone dock to have many apps available on all screens. #
  • Got multiple iPhones to update from multiple Macs? Use this @MacObserver quick tip to download iOS 4 only once! #
  • New TOS for App Store on iPhone with iOS 4 - "Page 1 of 45" and they actually expect people who "Agree" to have read this in full?!? #
  • Interesting: On OpenDNS's servers I get the iOS 4 update. When on Comcast's DNS servers I'm still showing 3.1.3 as the latest. #
  • iOS 4 is downloading for me now #
  • TMO's got 2 iOS 4 articles for you. Our upgrade guide: and forcing iTunes to check for the update: #
  • I guess it's time to unjailbreak my iPhone so i can upgrade to iOS4 tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it back re-jailbroken soon... #
  • When you hand the valet your keys and his response is, "yeah, these are my favorites!" there's nothing to worry about, right? #fb #
  • For fun, go into a department store, loiter for a minute, then bolt for the door. A total blast, I highly recommend it! #fb #
  • Spent all day yesterday outside at 4 of my son's lacrosse games, then went and played a 3-hour gig. What's today got in store for me? #fb #

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