Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

by Dave in

  • Yes, Reeder for iPad is exactly what you want for reading RSS. Just get it. #
  • It's a good thing I was here to tell my wife how sexy this new WWDC warmup jacket is. #fb #
  • Landed in BOS. Thanks, @JetBlue: for the first time, cabin announcement volume was not deafening on the earphones! Fix FTW! #
  • About to board "Some Like It Blue" for the ride home from WWDC. Great week, as always. Good seeing all of you. #
  • Listening in on a conference call and attending a WWDC session simultaneously. #Scheduling amp;DelegationFAIL #
  • It's 7:45am in San Francisco, and in less than 24 hours I'll be playing a free gig with FLING at the Durham, NH Bazaar at the ice rink. #fb #
  • "OK Go" was... OK, but I don't recommend going. In retrospect, should have gone to the Rush movie, but I always pick live music over movies. #
  • Dial *639# to check AT&T iPhone upgrade pricing and whether $18 fee is waived. Thanks for the heads-up, @rgriff #
  • Just had a great chat and a great beet with @jsnell. Now off to the WWDC Beet Bash. #
  • For WWDC Folks: Happy Hour tonite at Bar 888 @ICSF 4pm-8pm. 50% off all Happy Hour items if you mention Twitter. #
  • Here's the setup for WWDC bash. @PBones and @WWDC2011 think it's "OK Go" and @okgo didn't deny it. #
  • Yes, stage setup for WWDC bash looks strikingly similar to OK Go here: Also, @PBones was right about "Cake" last year. #
  • Episode 20: Pragmatism – Peirce and James /via @PartiallyExLife

    One of my new favorite podcasts. Heady & irreverent. #

  • Can we just vote Dan Lyons off the island and be done with him? #
  • This is now unnecessary. #wwdc #toomanyssids #
  • Had to play the "Pork Brains" card (quite literally!), but got my Stump the Experts shirt. ;-) #
  • Seems Safari 5 FINALLY supports P3P for third party cookies on its default "accept only from sites I visit" setting. Thank goodness. #
  • Glad I headed back out. Great conversation and beer with @deank. Thanks, man! #
  • Always a little odd to walk between Moscone North/South and NOT see MacworldExpo signs. #
  • What's for dinner? #
  • The reality is, sites have the right to show you any ads they choose to show you. Your choice is either to view it all, or none of it. #
  • You understand that instead of applauding Michael Gandlach, the AdBlock guy, I held up the finger, right? #
  • We've already got some #WWDC live pix and coverage up at as well as @macobserverlive #
  • Wow. I think Rikki Rockett and the rest of the 80's could learn some stick acrobatics from this guy #
  • Great seeing @1timstreet and @donmcallister tonight, and great meeting @ekai. #TradeShowsAreAFullContactSport #
  • First plane ride with the iPad a rousing success. Best movie, game, book, email, entertaient device I've eer used for that environment. #fb #
  • The bright side: an unexpected fuel stop is better than running out of fuel unexpectedly. /via @chartier

    Quite true! #

  • Joy. Not only does my seat not recline properly, but we also got to make an unexpected fuel stop in Utah. Fun. #
  • RT @PilotPete irt speed.... they've been doing it for years. To qualify with a radar gun, they have to estimate w/in +/- 1mph your speed. #
  • RT @schlingel Austrian cops were allowed to do that until a large test proved that they couldn't eyeball the speed accurately. #
  • I really hate that @JetBlue's headset volume doesn't affect crew announcements. Those blast my eardrums every time. Forgot my attenuator :( #
  • We haven't even left the gate and I'm already enjoying the olfactory benefits the restroom provides me in seat 22C. Luscious. #fb #
  • Ohio Supreme Court just ruled that cops can "eyeball" your speed, negating the need for a speed gun. What?!? #fb #
  • My carryon succesfully made it thru xray with the 3-1-1 liquids bag I (inadvertently) left in it. #SecurityTheatreFail #fb #
  • I'll be traveling on JetBlue's "Bravo Lima Uniform Echo" to SFO this morning #AlwaysBlueInThePlaneName #
  • And so begins a travel day to San Francisco for WWDC. #

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