Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

by Dave in

  • When Googling for "69 in 1 toy instructions" you don't get ANY results about Chinese, Tamagotchi-like toys for 8-year olds. #fb #
  • For Monday: TMO's live coverage of the WWDC 2010 Keynote will be at and @MacObserverLive - Set your bookmarks! :-) #
  • Quote of the day from a Russian friend: "It is better to be necessary than to be free." #
  • Yes, I'm a mileage/points maniac. Hey, I travel enough that it's worth it for me. ;-) #
  • American Airlines is doing a win/win referral their frequent flyer program. Join, and we both get 1,000 extra miles. @reply if interested. #
  • Today's MGG Answers: How To Restore Erased Pictures From iPhoto? #
  • Today's MGG Answers: How To Disable Tooltips in Mail and Other Mac Apps? #
  • ...and whipped cream! #
  • ...and salted pumpkin seeds. #nevershopwhenhungry #
  • My wife came home with cookies, muffins, cake, popcorn, and more. I think they pumped reefer thru the HVAC system at the grocery store. #fb #
  • Yikes, power flicker here. Thank goodness I'm all UPS'ed up! #APCToTheRescue #
  • No more Mr. Nice Guy. I've had it. #
  • Mac Geek Gab Podcast 265 is live: Restoring, Cleaning, Fixing, and Scanning… On Your Mac! #fb #
  • If you want to check your AT&T data usage history, TMO shows you how: -- Good for deciding what plan to use going forward #
  • Adding rollover capability for unused data bandwidth would be a nice bone to throw customers. I don't think they're doing it (we're asking). #
  • Gee, do you think now maybe that Steve's done speaking at D Apple might have time to finish the WWDC schedules and post 'em? #
  • Syncing to 160GB iPod with "Convert to 128kbps" option enabled gives me error -206 and not all songs sync. Works fine without that. :( #
  • Interesting timing -- AT&T ensures no purchasers of next gen iPhones will have ability to purchase unlimited data. #
  • Curious where the extra $20 for tethering goes since it doesn't increase bandwidth. What's the reason for THAT? #
  • Interestingly enough, I may likely fit fine into the 200MB/mo AT&T plan. Have used 142MB in 26 days of current plan month. #
  • From the looks of the transcript, it sure seems like Mossberg is in the offensive here. Think this'll be Jobs last appearance at D? ;) #
  • When Jobs says, "Apple is a company that doesn't have the resources that everyone else has" is he forgetting they beat MSFT's market cap? #
  • Are you a developer attending WWDC? If so, try to get on @jmartellaro's interview calendar. There's a couple slots left: #
  • Hoping to see the Flyers pick up their next two (home) games. Would be great to see them take the cup, especially for JVR's rookie season. #
  • I awoke to find my kids watching the food channel's "What Would Brian Boitano Make?"

    It's like I'm in a South Park-inspired nightmare. #fb #

  • Will Goodreader for iPad output video playback through the dock-to-VGA adapter? #

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