Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

by Dave in

  • Tethering option disappeared as soon as I paired and attempted to actually tether it. Easy come, easy go. #
  • My iPhone is not running 4.0. Not home so i can't test tethering.

    Note: it's possible it might have been jailbroken recently. #

  • Ummm ... Why do I suddenly have Internet Tethering available on my iPhone? #
  • Nice t-shirt on @Jackhodgson here! #SnF10 #CirqueDuMac #
  • I'm playing with Chafed at in Manchester, NH tonight starting at 9:30pm. Come on out and rock with us! #fb #
  • Proud son moment. Mom is 2nd from the left. (performed at her quite musical and not entirely religious church) #
  • recording a Flash-fested @macjury with host @chuckjoiner and a cast thousands (ok, well, 7). This is gonna be a hoot. #
  • Just signed up for @phonedotcom for us here... looking forward to seeing how my test goes. Hoping to use this long-term. So far... so good! #
  • "They took my Maybach 62S and gave me a Taurus!" #SwapMyRideFail #
  • This is the frustrating part. They acknowledge the issue, and that's it. @comcastcares, you're my only hope! #
  • FYI all- It seems today's Mac Geek Gab streaming issues were related to a @ComcastCares congestion issue that's expected to recur. :-( #
  • John and I are on USTREAM now as we prep the show. #
  • Heading up to the studio to record MGG 262. I think John and I will turn on the USTREAM feed while recording this one. Stay tuned for URL. #
  • Time to make the Lacrosse.

    Early for a Sunday, yes, but not hockey-early. #fb #

  • Plus, I'll have to choose between Rush doc and WWDC bash. Maybe Rush is the secret band for the bash and I'll get a win/win? ;-) #
  • Oh that's just outstanding. The Rush documentary will show for one night only, and it's the Thursday of WWDC. No San Fran theater listed yet #

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