Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-16

by Dave in

  • Seems 802.11a clients only see my Time Capsule when it's set to "802.11a only" and not "802.11n (802.11a compatible)" anymore. Anyone else? #
  • Anyone using or another Virtual PBX? Advice/recommendations? #
  • Re: speeds. I must confess, I actually only pay for 12/2, and usually get about 20/2.5. But when I test to Comcast's servers, it looks good. #
  • I am loving the daily brainteaser (word search, math problems, word scrambles) on the back of each sheet of my daily Dilbert calendar. #
  • Ok, I can be happy with these speeds for now. ;-) #
  • Help wanted: Native Esperanto speaker. Inquire within. #
  • Mohel and Minister. I had the idea while eating my salad one night. #
  • I'm starting a Baptist/Klezmer duo. I'll call it "Mohel and Minister". #InsomniaFueledInsanity #
  • Podcast uploading VERY slowly. Seems my upstream is 5% of normal... On with Comcast now. #
  • iCal is the balsa wood of calendars. #
  • House and the office are too far apart, so now I'm the proud owner of TWO 3G MicroCells ;-) #
  • Interesting budget cut visualization (for me it's not politics, just math) #
  • Yeah, this is pretty much a "write your own joke" kind of thing. You're welcome. #
  • Anyone know of any voicemail-only/cheap/free places to which I can port a phone number to keep it alive? Skype and Google Voice won't yet. #
  • If you're a homeowner and don't yet own a reciprocating saw, go get one. Best power tool ever. A brilliant implement of destruction. #

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