Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-09

by Dave in

  • What's the heading to get off this island? #
  • I'm pretty sure I just saw an Edsel in one of the car ads, too.

    Edsel + Talking Moose = Use geotag and send help quickly. #

  • Yeah, there's a talking moose on the previews here at the theater. These ads have GOT to be from the 70's. #
  • With my wife waiting for #Phish3D and we're having trouble sorting out the difference between Maine and the Twilight Zone. #
  • Our local library has 2 Kindles, 2 Nooks, and 2 E-Readers loaded with about 10 novels each for interested folks to borrow and test. #
  • I'm playing with Knock-Off tonight in Hampton Beach, NH at

    Great, female-fronted classic rock. 9pm start #fb #

  • MGG Answers for today: Can I Reorder My Mac’s Login Items? #
  • It will be nice when someday I understand why launching Mac OS X's causes me to wait while my external drives spin up. #
  • MGG Answers: Do I Need To Worry About Traffic Management or QoS On My Router? #
  • MGG Answers: Stream Videos and Music From Your Mac To Your iPhone or iPad (for free!) #
  • Humor is a funny thing. #
  • Anyone know a way to share one consolidated Google Calendar so others can see my busy/availability without having to see 5 calendars? #
  • She had your dark suit in greasy wash water all year. #
  • California actually makes it *difficult* for employers to give the state tax money. I now completely understand their bankruptcy. #
  • For those of you asking about a WWDC hotel deal, we've got free Internet at the InterContinental for you! #

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