Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25

by Dave in

  • Yeah, it would be nice if the iPad's Videos app would like, you know, show me the NAME of the TV show, too. #
  • The last time I was in DC they had those "Ollie North for President" tshirts everywhere. Now I looked all week and couldn't find ONE. #
  • Happy birthday to my podcasting partner-in-crime and long time friend, @johnfbraun. Hope you're having a great day, man! #
  • The (Starship?) Enterprise #
  • Ok, the Space Shuttle is pretty cool. #
  • Parenthood (the TV show) rocks. /via @timjahn

    The real thing rocks more. ;) #

  • .@bynkii Again, I agree that Flash sucks. And it sucks that I need it to browse some sites. But I do, and that's what matters for now. in reply to bynkii #
  • .@bynkii if Apple really felt Flash wasn't important for their users, they'd stop shipping Mac OS X with the browser plugin pre-installed. in reply to bynkii #
  • Vacationing with the iPad and looking up restaurants, menus, museums, etc made me change my mind: it definitely needs Flash. #
  • Smithsonian shows Twitter origins. #

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