Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

by Dave in

  • If you're ever in D.C. And want a great, yet casual, Italian meal, Top 10 Italian restaurants I've ever been in. #
  • This isn't A Train to Bangkok, but if it was I bet the time would pass more quickly.

    "We only stop for the best..." #

  • I *love* my DD-WRT VPN. Just used it to Remote Access into my iMac and start converting more kids shows from the TiVo for the ride home. #
  • So Netflix streaming on the iPad over MiFi on a moving train is a touch and go experience, at best, it seems. #
  • i5, i7 Demystified: Apple’s New MacBook Pros are NOT Quad-Core - Excellent analysis from @jmartellaro #
  • Thanks, this does help! RT @michaelrock some of the people who use your unemployment contribution are amazing and will pay it forward. #
  • It takes a piece of my life away every time I pay unemployment taxes to the state on myself. I CAN'T COLLECT UNEMPLOYMENT! #
  • MGG Answers: My Mac Keeps Freezing, Is It Bad RAM? #
  • Confused about 10.6.3 v1.1 updater? Short answer: if you need it, your Mac will tell you. #
  • LOL! RT @9to5mac: New Post: iPad printing…solved!: theformgroup "How to Print from an iPad" via Engadget #
  • We are the priests of the temples of Syrinx. #
  • Now THAT is a film poster #
  • Why am I so hyper lately? Did someone spike my water supply with prednisone or something? #
  • VOIP using AT&T 3G on iPhone is so much clearer and silkier than a standard voice call. No wonder AT&T is slowing down the rollout. #
  • Did Microsoft release the KIN because they, too, want to be courted for purchase by HTC? #
  • Good catch -- RT @griffintech: Do you subscribe to podcasts with iTunes? Read this to keep them updating: #
  • Let's hope Apple follows this up by maybe, you know, announcing the freakin' dates for WWDC or something? #
  • Apple's pushing that corporate bravado: "Saturday, iPad launch. Sunday, Rest. Thursday, iPhone OS 4. Tuesday, MacBook Pros. Any questions?" #
  • Holy crap... $2199 for a 15" 2.66GHz i7 machine.. that's pretty sweet. #
  • Seems to be new MacBook Pros this morning! #
  • How come we never sit and enjoy a good film strip anymore? #AdvanceAtTheBeep #
  • Wow. Just 66 years between Orville and a lunar landing. Seems so short. #
  • Mac Geek Gab Podcast 254 is up: Storage, AirDisk, 10.6.3 Woes, SD Cards, and WebKit #
  • This time of year I want to swap my brain with a brillo pad to simultaneously scratch the backs of my eyeballs and the insides of my ears. #
  • Fantastic! @Netflix Is Now Available On the Wii. They're shipping discs to ALL members who want one today! #
  • Brilliant!! (via @bynkii) #
  • Stream to iPad: Web sharing from Mac (free, thx @jefflynch) or Air Video ($3, thx @jsauer @joebird1 @mtgiven). StreamToMe has bad reviews. #
  • Why is it that I can stream movies to my iPad from Netflix but not from my local network shares? #

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