Teaching Dad about RSS

by Dave in , ,

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a *huge* believer in RSS. I've been using it with various business and personal projects for years. It's how I get my news. It rocks ... for me. However, the mainstream has *not* caught on yet, as is evidenced by my Dad's most recent e-mail to me about this very blog:

Do you send out an e-mail when things change on the blog, or is it up to people to just check back periodically?

So how do I (quickly, and in a way that won't frustrate anyone) teach people like my Dad about RSS? Now, it should be said that Dad is an engineer and a nerd in his own right, but not necessarily up on the latest bleeding edge technology (yes, I know RSS has existed for years, but let's be realistic: it's still bleeding edge). He's on a Windows machine, so there's no recommending Tiger's Safari with RSS. I guess I could (and probably should) show him Firefox, but maybe there's something better. Anyone?