Long tail web advertising

by Dave in ,

In an article for CNET News.com this week, Juan Cole wrote about blogs being the next big thing for advertisers. He uses the term "blogcasting" to describe essentially exactly what we've been doing at BackBeat Media for more than 5 years: take a bunch of high-quality sites -- none of whom could regularly attract advertising agencies on their own -- band them together into a network, and have one point of sale for that entire network of sites/blogs. That point of sale will speak the language that agencies speak, and at the same time -- on the back end -- speak the language that the site/blog publishers speak. Together, all the sites have enough traffic (and the right pitch) to reach prospective advertisers, yet the sites can do it without worrying about honing their business acumen to the point required by the advertisers and agencies. It's the perfect trifecta: everyone gets to do the one thing they love and are good at without worrying about anything else. Everyone wins. Preach on, brother Juan.